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Proceedings from the international workshop: Clinical and physiological investigations of people highly exposed to electromagnetic fields. St. Petersburg, Russia. October 16-17, 2000

Hygienic, clinical and epidemiological analysis of disturbances induced by radio frequency EMF exposure in human body

Edited by Kjell Hansson Mild, Monica Sandström and Eugene Lyskov

Lunes 3 de julio de 2006 · 2207 lecturas


1. Performed studies suggest the identity of health disturbances among the workers
exposed to low intensity HF and SHF EMR.

2. The disease induced by electromagnetic radiation is clinically manifested in
vegetative dystonia syndrome with typical subjective complaints, disturbances in the
central nervous system, cardiovascular system, reproductive system and
gastrointestinal tract and biochemical changes in blood.

3. Revealed changes are persistent in character and do not disappear after ceasing the
EMF exposure.

4. Early ageing syndrome observed in the group of HF-device regulators should be
attributed to the remote effect of chronic RF EMF exposure. Polypathology, early
development of age pathology, lipid metabolism disturbance, hormonal gonade
function decrease, the character of thyol disulphide changes are the symptoms of
ageing syndrome.

5. Hygienic assessment of exposure conditions and of accompanying workplace factors,
consideration of social and living conditions, and dynamic health status follow-up
are of utmost importance for the diagnosis of chronic EMR effects.