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"The early phases of the syndrome are reversible, but that over time it become LETHAL"

The joys of living under roof top antennas/ La felicidad de vivir bajo las antenas del tejado.

Jueves 25 de mayo de 2006 · 3592 lecturas

1) Testimonial of Dalan MCaren 22 Jan 2000

From Robert Reidlinger

In September of 98,I moved into a 21-storey government subsidized
building for seniors. The apartment that was my placement is on the 20th
floor. I immediately began experiencing symptoms of a dizzy-off
- balanced feeling, headaches which were constant, sever insomnia,
profuse nosebleeds, sweating and a feeling like I was cooking, I wasn’t
able to concentrate, I would often find myself throughout the day
feeling "out-of-it"- not remembering . I felt drained out and more than
half dead. I had anxiety attacks and breathlessness, felt agitated,
restless and my joints hurt and my eyes were sore.

I would awaken most often around 3 AM very suddenly feeling
"cooked"anxious and like I had to go out. My chest felt pressured and I
would either lay there untill morning with all these things going on, or
often I just get up and walk the steets where I would feel refreshed,
calm and clear headed.

At first I put it down to stess from a difficult year with a major move
..But, in November of 98, my sister and her husband sent me a plane
ticket to visit them for a month in Toronto area, I felt good there
....slept wonderfully, had lots of energy, was clear headed, focussed, no
memory problems and felt normal, tranquil and very cheerful.

I returned in December and immediately the nosebleeds and all the
symptoms returned. I continued suffering the above symptoms (plus many
other ones) until I went away for 6 weeks in the summer to Vancouver
Island to visit my father. Again I felt normal with lots of energy and
focus inspite of it being a stessful time with my father being ill and
in hospital.

I returned and again -all the symptoms. By this time I had become aware
of the effects of microwave towers and telecomunications instalations
through a magazine artical and also through talking to a repairman from
the cable(TV) provider. He had come because I was having a lot of
interference with my TV.

I then began to pay attention to the fact that on the next floor but
one-on the roof top of the building I am in, there are at least 25
telecomunications towers, transmitters microwave transmitters and the
top of the building looks like a porcupine!

I myself was becoming increasingly more distressed now with occasional
bouts of rage, feeling at times like I was going crazy and had lost
control of my brain. I was having daily bouts of crying for no apparent
reason and yet as soon as I would leave the apartment, I feel fine.

Then again this past 3 months I went away twice. Once for a month back
east again and the last time from 10th Dec. 99 to 06 Jan.2000.

Upon returning on the 06 Jan. , within moments of being on the upper
20th floor I felt dizzy-off- balance feeling and within 12 hrs I have
suffered 2 profuse nose bleeds and couldn’t sleep at all.

It is my opinion and experience that since Christmas the frequency of
use of these transmitters has increased. It feels like like the walls
buzzing and I have had very little sleep. I am having to walk the
streets at night and visit other people’s homes during the day in order
to write letters or do anything that requires concentration.

Last week, I had 2 visitors on separate days. Both within a minute or so
of being in my apartment said they felt blocked in their heads, began
experiencing headahes that "dead feeling". They mentioned they felt
agitated and restless and could hear the buzzing ,high pitch vibration
and had to leave before a half hour was up. I certainly confirmed that
wasn’t "just me" Both telephoned me later and said that within 5 minutes
of leaving they felt back to normal.

I am truly exhausted of this. I only hope that first of all I can find
another place to live that is affordable because I am on a disability
pension hence being in government housing-secondly that I can even"
get-it-together"enough to pack up and move.

I hope my story helps in some way.

PS: I am a retired school teacher ,a massage therapist and an
exceptional artist. I haven’t been able to do any art since I moved in
to this place.

Truly Dalana MCaren

I have written permision from Dalana to publish this story .
Robert Riedlinger

2) Dear Mr. Maisch,

Do you have any information that I could use for the following:

This is the situation:

I live in a block of flats in the city of Lisbon, Portugal, where 5
years ago a daughter company of AIR TOUCH has proposed to install on the
roof a relay station ( transmitters, receivers and aerials ) for the
exchange of a monthly fee.

This is a property that belongs to 14 owners, all living there, and
after a vote it was decided to negotiate and finally it was accepted to
sign the contract.

I was against this decision but since there was not much experience and
information on the subject, I could not fight it with facts.

Two years later a neighbour has developed a brain tumour and died within
6 months. Me and my family, we have had head aches, tiredness in the
morning and sometimes difficulty in sleeping. A cause effect
relationship has not been established, mainly because we are only
thinking about these things and there is not enough information about

Now it is time to decide if the contract is renewed or not and I would
like to have as much information in order to support my gut feeling
decision to not renew it, and stand up to my neighbours.


Paulo Saraiva
Sterling Software - Lisbon
COOL:Solutions for eBusiness

3) From Powerwatch UK:


Pensioner ’poisoned’ by phone mast on her roof.

A report by Amy Cartmell in the Newcastle Chronicle & Journal. For full
story see:

Just weeks ago Ena Bambrough told neighbours she was dying after being
slowly poisoned by mobile phone masts on the roof of her Tyneside tower
block. Now, after the 87-year-old has died, neighbours were demanding an
urgent inquiry into the safety of the microwave antennas.

Ena lived on the top floor of a block of flats in Newcastle and
complained of repeated piercing headaches and bouts of sickness, which
she blamed on the masts. Close friend Paul Easton said: "She went into
decline the day they put the masts on the roof. Until then she was
active and went out every day."

Ena was one of several elderly residents who complained of blinding
headaches and severe sickness when phone giant Orange updated its
equipment and installed microwave dishes, radio antennns and equipment
cabin. She had lived on the top floor of the Todd’s Nook flats, Westgate
Road, Newcastle, since they opened in 1964, but died in the city’s
Freeman Hospital just 24 hours after she was admitted.

Mrs Bambrough previously told the Chronicle of her fears about the
masts. She said: "During the day I get noises in my ears and headaches.
It frightens me. I’ve got no strength left. It’s just lucky my
neighbours are so good about looking out for me. I believe I am going to
die soon. When I sit down I can’t get up again, and when I go to bed, I
can’t get up."

A response to this from Dr Bill Curry, a USA based EMF bio-effects

The two described symptoms from which Ena Bambrough suffered until her
death - severe headaches and loud tinitus - sound to me like part of the
microwave sickness syndrome that Russian scientists studied over a
period of 40 years of observations of people who worked around sources
of RF radiation.

It should be recalled that these scientists (quoted in Ana G. Johnson
Lyakouris’ recent paper about the microwaving of the U.S. Embassy in
Moscow) stated that the early phases of the syndrome are reversible, but
that over time it becomes LETHAL.

Ena’s neighbors should demand an impartial measurement of the microwave
radiation density in her apartment before anyone else moves into it.

Get the pulse magnitudes, not averaged readings. Forget the European
standards (I presume this is ICNIRP) and get the absolute numbers - not
percent of permissible exposure. Then compare those numbers with the
published studies of biological effects. The Proceedings of the
International Conference on Cell Tower Siting that was held in Salzburg,
Austria last June include one of the compilations of the bioeffects
found at various values of both radiation density and specific absorbed
radiation (SAR) dose. Also, the Proceedings lists the official radiation
standards of various countries and provinces. Many regions have
radiation limits far below ICNIRP and a number of European countries
have refused to be bullied into accepting the ICNIRP standards — which
are as bad as the U.S. FCC Guidelines, insofar as protecting the public
is concerned.

Having seen a resident of Vienna whose apartment is right across the
street from a cell phone antenna installation and whose legs are red as
boiled lobsters’ legs, I am a believer in the deleterious effects of
microwave radiation.

Having also witnessed what the radiation has done to people on a scenic
ridge in upstate New York that puts them almost on eye-level with
directional cell phone antennas on a tower rising from the base of the
ridge, my realization that the medical profession will eventually have
to acknowledge the existence of RF sickness is strengthened.

There are two providers on that tower with one set of antennas 50 feet
below the other set. This means that the lower set of antennas is only
about 20 feet above the top of the ridge. One lady (in her early
forties) on that ridge has suffered internal bleeeding around the
periphery of her brain - hemmorhagic stroke. At her deck, which is about
500 feet from the cell phone tower and at an elevation somewhat lower
than the antennas, I measured radiation density consistently in excess
of 64 microwatts per square centimeter - sometimes as high as 70.

An even younger man on that ridge suffered a stroke at age 39. I didn’t
measure radiation level in his location, because I did not know about
his situation at the time. On the same ridge, I witnessed people
suffering from the blinding headaches and the tinitus that afflicted the
late Ena Bambrough in the U.K.

These people have also described pressure in the temple and the eyes and
severe pain in the eyes. They are a family in which the parents are in
their fifties and their daughter is in her early twenties. The daughter
did not suffer much for a while, but now she has become sensitized to
the microwave radiation, as well as her parents. The parents began to
notice the symptoms about 6 weeks after the cell tower began operation
in early 1997.

Note that the symptoms were present, when I visited, at radiation levels
no higher than 25 microwatts per square centimeter on a day when the
residents said the raidiaton was "light."

These people often have to sleep in their car miles away from the cell
phone tower. At home, they can’t sleep on some bad nights. On the same
ridge, dogs had come down with tumors and died.

I have also witnessed people in the South Bend, Indiana area suffering
from effects of cell phone towers placed as close as 25-50 feet from
their houses.

In one case, the tower was covered with nondirectional whip antennas,
and directional antennas were placed at the top of the tower. There were
at least four providers on that tower, and I measured radiation density
on an upstairs porch in one house that was nearly 80 microwatts per
square centimeter. The mother and the father (both younger than my
suffered from pressure in their chests, and the mother and one of the
two young sons (ages 2-4 yrs.) had undergone removal of superficial skin
tumors on the face.

While there undoubtedly is an effect of genetic variability, I am fairly
well convinced by these observations and by stories I heard from other
people in Texas and on the West Coast that anyone subjected to microwave
radiation on a chronic basis will eventually become electrosensitive.

One of the people on the ridge in New York state has now been sensitized
to powerlines, as well as microwave radiation. Before his sensitization
by the microwaves, he was not aware of sensitivity to powerline fields.
Also, the man in Texas became sensitized by working around very strong
magnetic fields for a period of years. He is a retired aerospace
engineer who developed a form of electron beam welding that required his
being around strong magnetic fields, and he was in this work situation
for a number of years.

I know a couple in California who live in the coastal Mendocino
Mountains and are apparently affected by scatter or spillover from a
Pave Paws radar beam whose source is 150 miles away near Sacramento. The
state health department won’t touch this issue (because of the Air
Force’s involvement) and they dismiss it as being impossible because of
the distance. In this family, the father and mother have suffered from a
variety of illnesses such as those I have previously mentioned, but both
children have had forms of cancer. One had leukemia, and the other had a
non-malignant brain tumor removed.

Significantly, when these people have driven away from home and traveled
tothe areas that are shadowed from the radar, their symptoms have
ceased. From people in similar peril from the Pave Paws radar on Cape
Cod, I have learned that the Air Force always excuses itself on the
basis that the average radiation level is always measured to be very
low. While correct, this is a subterfuge, because the pulse power of
these sysems is half a megawatt.

Because our government is so blinded by the absurd notion that only
biological heating is important, they completely ignore what pulses do
to biological cells. This is an untenable situation, yet an FCC senior
scientist told me that when the radiation limits are revised, they will
probably be relaxed, rather than tightened - this in spite of the letter
from the RF Interagency Working Group to the IEEE RF safety committee
complaining about the inadequacy of the standards to protect people.

This letter criticizes the standards on 14 different grounds, one of
which is the absurdity of not weighting vital organs with extremely
vulnerable tissues - such as the brain - more highly than, say, bone
tissue. The implementation of the present standards involves considering
radiation averaged over time and over spatial regions of the body -
sometimes the
whole body.

Incidentally, the same FCC scientist told me (via forwarded Email) that
my measurements on the ridge in New York were at least 50 times higher
than their measurements - though I don’t know whether their measurements
were in the same places as mine or, indeed, whether they took any pains
to make sure their measurements included a time when the cell phone
traffic was maximum. I measured a large dynamic range of radiation
density - both in terms of the variation of radiation density due to
location and of the radiation density variation at a particular location
over a time duration of many hours. The overall variation went from a
low of less than a microwatt per square centimeter to a maximum of
nearly 70 microwatts per
square centimeter on the day I visited.

I guess I got wound up here, but I just cannot countenance the official
blindness of government institutions that are supposed to protect the
populace, but, instead, act as promotional agencies. The FCC and similar
organizations in
other countries should be split into an agency which promotes the
technology and an independent, separately funded agency whose only
fucntion is to regulate providers of the technology and to protect the

The precendent has already been set. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission
had to be separated from the descendants of the Atomic Energy Commission
to protect the public from inadequately regulated nuclear power systems.
The National Transportation Safety Board had to be separated from the
Federal Avaiation Administration to assure independent investigation of
accidents in the travel industry and unbiased promulgation of adequate
rules to protect the traveling public.

Note that the NTSB often criticizes the FAA because of its
failure/slowness to implement the protective aviation rules recommended
by NTSB. I think the time has come and is long overdue to separate the
promotional and regulatory activities of the FCC.

Bill P. Curry, Ph.D.
EMSciTek Consulting Co.
22W101 McCarron Road, Phone: (630) 858-9377
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 Fax: (630) 858-9159
Web page: http://www.EMSciTek.com