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Reino Unido: Discurso ante el parlamento Galés / Address to Welsh Assembly (Parliament) by B. TROWER On Wireless Telecommunications 3rd October 2006 - 12 30 pm

"I believe that this Industry, this Government and its (then) scientists, would be responsible for more civilian deaths in peace-time than all of the terrorist organizations in the World, put together"

Jueves 5 de octubre de 2006 · 1681 lecturas

Address to Welsh Assembly (Parliament) by B. TROWER
On Wireless Telecommunications
3rd October 2006 - 12 30 pm
(20 minutes Address : 20 minutes Questions)

a...Barrie Trower - 3 Flowers Meadow, Liverton, Devon, TQ12 6UP

b...Military Training
i) Microwave warfare
ii) Underwater bomb disposal
(incorporating microwaves)
iii) Medicine (not doctor)

c...Government Training
i) Officers Course (Prisons)
ii) Full Teaching Course
(Physiology/Human Biology/Physical Ed)
iii) De-briefing dissidents/spies

i) Teaching (Maximum security)
ii) De-briefing - different locations
(Some involving stealth microwave warfare)

e...Degrees i) B.Ed (Physics)
ii) Dissertation
(Absorption of non-ionizing radiation)
iii) B.Ed (Hons)
iv) Research
(Environmental pollution and effects on thinking)

f... Commissioned to write the TETRA Report for the Police Federation
of England and Wales
The Report into the death of Officer Neil Dring for Dr Ian Dring

g... Research papers presented
i) Oncologists (Microwaves to Cancer)
ii) Mathematicians:
Microwave interference to brain cell timing
Ladies and Gentlemen:

With your permission, before I start, I would like to pay tribute to the four research scientists, working in this area, who have all recently been found dead in questionable circumstances - in France, Italy and Greece.


A few years ago, at a meeting in Birmingham, I said “I believe that this Industry, this Government and its (then) scientists, would be responsible for more civilian deaths in peace-time than all of the terrorist organizations in the World, put together”. I still believe this to be true - please listen to my evidence.

From 1993, in America for six years, the Communications Industry employed 200 research doctors - at a cost of $28.5 million - to study the safety of their microwave systems. (1) The studies showed increased tumours, genetic damage, a greater risk to children, damage to the blood-brain barrier; in all, 15 epidemiological studies were carried out. The research scientist leading these studies has predicted 30,000-50,000 cancers worldwide this year alone - of just one type of cancer. Please remember, this is the Industry’s own research. These results were suppressed.

I will mention a fraction of some other studies:

ECOLOG - Reviewed 200 peer-reviewed/published papers and said (2) “It can be concluded that electromagnetic fields, with frequencies in the mobile telecommunications range, do play a role in the development of cancer”.

NAILA/WOLF/HUTTER/SANTINI/OBERFELD/BAMBERG etc. (3) All show increased cancers/illnesses from this Industry’s microwaves.

The safety level set by our Government, which is for short-term heating effect only, is incorrectly relied upon by decision-makers for planning applications for masts. Both the International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety and the US Environmental Protection Agency agree on this...It is invalid for communities living near masts (4).

This is not just a local problem. There are literally thousands upon thousands of disputes against this Industry worldwide. I am trying to help seven countries at present - one has 2,700 disputes.
Can anybody do anything against, what I call, these “International bullies” ( in some cases with Government compliance)?:

a) International schools are publishing lists of illnesses amongst staff and students with frightening numbers of cancer clusters/illnesses (5).

b) IAFF oppose the use of fire stations as transmitter sites, because of the health problems of its members (6).

c) MPs have three times raised the problem of clusters of children (11 or more) with leukaemia around masts (7). I have since had details of another cluster of 12 children.

d) The National Assembly of France (8) - Four of their twenty proposed laws are to: “Limit maximum power any person may receive to..
No 1 - 1/9000th of ICNIRP or 1/100,000th of our maximum power
No 2 - Have exclusion zones of 300m from houses/sensitive buildings
No 11 - Planning permission compulsory for all equipment
No 19 - Use of phones forbidden in schools”

These powers are the same as used in Salzburg.

e) Appeal decision (9) by Mr C Jarvis (Bristol Inspectorate): “I question the validity of ICNIRP....proposed mast should not be granted...likely effects of the project on the health of local people”.

f) Michael Meacher MP - Environment Minister 1997-2003 - wrote “Government will only give contracts to Universities who will provide favourable results”. This was published in the Times. Around the same time (May 2004) Congressman Henry A Waxman wrote a similar observation in “Scientific American”, concerning the US Government and its universities. We must have proper independent research.

There is a condition I call “Intentional ignorance”. Some decision-makers fail to represent their constituents by not researching the legal aspects (10) - such as planning, adverse impact on local environment, public well-being, health effects, landowner liability (re risk to surrounding land), devaluation of properties and the Children’s Act (concerning the perceived risk to their ongoing health) .

Unless I am mistaken, this Assembly has the power to make decisions on health grounds. I contend that this is a health issue - there are solutions to this issue. One is to reduce the power. There will be a reduction in profits, but the system will still work (as in Salzburg). I believe that the present system is causing suffering by stealth, bringing maximum profit to the Industry and this Government and provides no protection to such communities from anything other than internal heating.

The suffering, of course, extends to plants and animals and is from all communications systems, including TETRA.

This report is confidential until 12.30 pm on 3rd October 2006. It then becomes copyright-free and public property, with my permission.

B Trower

For further information
1. www.safewireless.org www.health/concerns.org

2. ECOLOG - T Mobile, Germany (Section 7)

3. A good summary of these studies, with details, can be found on the
Radiation Research Trust’s website www.radiationresearch.org also:
More details www.mastsanity.org & www.scram.uk.com

4. ICEMS, Venice (12.2.03) states “ICNIRP is for short-term, heat-only.
Evidence from epidemiological studies of long-term exposures call for
another approach”.

US Environmental Protection Agency, Washington DC 20460.
Norbert Hankin, Radiation Protection Division (16.7.02) states:
“ICNIRP guidelines are thermally based and do not apply to chronic,
non-thermal exposure situations”.

5. Schools and Cell Tower Antennaes (3.11.03)
(47 cancer clusters around schools)

6. International Association of Fire Fighters
(...many firefighters living with cell towers...are paying a substantial
price in terms of physical and mental health (p7)

7. Hansard (21.5.04 & 1.3.05) MP’s accuse telecoms industry of lying
and showing complete disregard for local people.

8. National Assembly of France No. 2491 (13.7.05) Proposed law:
To reduce the risk from mobile phone installations and apparatus -
20 recommendations. Maximum per person to be 0.6vpm or
0.1 microwatt/sq cm - this is the same as Salzburg.

9. Planning Application APP/U1105/A/04/1127356 (11.5.04)

10. Consultant Solicitor Alan Meyer (Legal Director - Mast Action UK)
Horsey Lightly Fynn 0207 222 8844 e-mail: lon@hlf.uk.com

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