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News from Kalamata, Grecia

Martes 14 de abril de 2020 · 466 lecturas

The attached graphic is from an apartment of a family of 4 living near this antenna at a distance of 25m, within 158000 μW/m2 (aprox 7.7 V/m) radiation density. Radiation inside the apartment 7370 μW/m2 (aprox 1.6 V/m).
All had severe health symptoms, two parents passed away shortly after they moved to this fifth floor apartment. The parents were hit by Cancer and are not with us any more.
The two daughters still alive one with Uterus Cancer and the other had a stroke.
The Town has been selected for 5G pilot installation.

Another case is a Kidder Garden with 25 kids age between 3-5. 3 Kids with Leukemia, 2 passed away, 2 Antennas at 40 m away.

The Ministry of Digital Reform will say they are not aware of health issues, The Hellenic Atomic Energy Authority responsible for the radiation levels in Greece will confirm that radiation levels are well within the safe limits (of year 2000).

The Kalamata Mayor say OK but you will be compensated by …faster internet!

See the attached pdf