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Cuestiones interesantes del manual del móvil Motorola modelo 120e. ¿No evidencia esto que la industria de la telefonía móvil es consciente de los riesgos potenciales? ¿Es la industria de la telefonía más responsable que los organismos encargados de velar por nuestra salud?

Lunes 4 de octubre de 2010 · 1313 lecturas

Attached is a manual for the Motorola cellphone, model 120e. Beginning at page 152, there is quite explicit information indicating “The available science does not allow us to conclude that mobile phones are absolutely safe."

The Guide goes on to list several studies showing that wireless phones can have negative consequences for the user’s health. For example, "A few studies, however, have suggested that low levels of RF could accelerate the development of cancer in laboratory animals. In one study, mice genetically altered to be predisposed to developing one type of cancer developed more than twide as many cancers when they were exposed to RF energy compared to controls."

In addition to the statements about studies with laboratory animals, the Guide provides statistics about effects of RF on humans. "When tumors did exist in certain locations, however, they were more likely to be on the side of the head where the mobile phone was used." And "that... an association was found between mobile phone use and one rare type of glioma, neuroepithellomatous tumors."

And finally, on page 156, a startling admission: "Under the law, FDA does not review the safety of radiation-emitting consumer products such as mobile phones before marketing, as it does with new drugs or medical devices."

Does not this evidence that the cell phone industry is aware of potential harm, call for, at the very minimum, a public warning in the form of a label attached to every wireless device?

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