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Viernes 25 de enero de 2008 · 19785 lecturas

Dear Members:

I am requesting your help in the project of sending to prison all of those who have assaulted reason and good will. The crimes against humanity committed by Michael Repacholi and associates, must generate in us victims a concrete action that is strong enough to demolish the medical fraud that has destroyed our lives. Repacholi must know that his vicious and ruthless acts against children, pregnant women, cardiovascular, neurologic and oncologic patients, will not go unnoticed in nations around the world. A critical mass of accusations must be created in Washington in order to ensure the intervention of the US government. I hope that in a matter of six months, every civilized nation in the world will have issued an international capture order against this gentleman. If you agree with the following letter, I beg you to please copy it, paste it, print it and mail it to the Attorney General of the United States with your signature and address. If you can, please send a copy to your state Senate or Congress representatives in the US.

Michael B. Mukasey
Attorney General of the United States
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530 - 0001

Dear Mr. Mukasey:

I am addressing your person in the hope of finding a legal action by the government of the United States of America and its Justice Department. The matter I’m referring to deals with crimes against the physical integrity of millions of citizens of the United States and citizens of a great majority of countries around the world. There are victims, DEAD and injured people all around the USA and the five continents.

These crimes have been committed by the Australian citizen Michael Repacholi, former director of the Electromagnetic Fields Project of the World Health Organization. The Precautionary Principle, the Nuremberg Code, the Helsinki Declaration, international Medical Ethics codes, Human Rights and the Constitution of the United States have been violated. This gentleman has conducted criminal activites just like the late nazi Josef Mengele, that have generated DEAD and sick people all over the United States and the planet. Michael Repacholi, just like Josef Mengele, is undoubtedly responsible for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. The actions of Michael Repacholi inside the World Health Organization constitute a serious attack of human dignity and a deplorable degradation of the life of millions of Americans. These actions have been committed with an evil intention. In this case, Osama Bin Laden is but a praying nun besides the nature of the diseases that have been spread all over the planet by the actions of this gentleman.

I request that a criminal investigation, a criminal prosecution and a criminal indictment be started against this individual who runs by the name of Michael Repacholi.

Despite concrete medical evidence published by the World Health Organization itself on the damaging nature of microwaves, the INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL Michael Repacholi has sponsored planetary contamination from his position, in favor of the cell phone/wireless internet industry. A very clear conflict of interests is flagrant in the case, in the measure that Repacholi has defended private economical interests against the health of thousands of millions around the globe. Within a frame of corruption, engineers and physicists are running key positions in the World Health Organization. Emily Perkins van Deventer, who is an electrical engineer, replaced Michael Repacholi as director of the EMF Project at the WHO. Neither one has the capacity to pontificate about the Medical Effects of radiofrequency radiation. Repacholi lacks the Academic Credentials and Medical Background in order to speak about Human Health. Michael Repacholi is not a Medical Doctor nor a Physician, and despite this, he has been allowed to guide the world in terms of the HEALTH EFFECTS of radiofrequency and electromagnetic fields. And this is just part of the MEDICAL FRAUD that has been endorsed by the World Health Organization.

Michael Repacholi has deceived hundreds of governments around the world by denying the deleterious action of microwaves on human beings.

This MEDICAL FRAUD, which has already caused dead and injured people around the world, has taken the World Health Organization to disregard the medical criteria of research institutions of planetary prestige like Harvard University and the Karolinska Institute (which is in charge of assigning the Nobel Prize of Medicine each year). Other warnings from extremely honest worldwide institutions, physicians and organizations have been systematically and repetitively ignored. The bioactivity of microwaves has been known in Medicine since the 1890’s thanks to the French scientist Jacques-
Arsne d’Arsonval.

This HOLOCAUST, which was officially recognized by the medical nosology of the government of the United States(thanks to Dr. Milton Zaret) as the Microwave Syndrome, has already charged according to estimates of the Health Department of the State of California, more than ONE MILLION victims just in the USA alone. Dr. Milton Zaret, a renown ophthalmologist in the field, revised Soviet medical literature for the CIA that goes back to the 1920’s, concerning the tragic microwave effects on human health. This is public knowledge that was available to the government of the United States before the introduction of cell phones, wireless internet and other microwave based technologies.

Professional estimates place the incidence of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity or Microwave Syndrome around 3 -8% of the world population. Chronic exposure to microwaves is responsible for neurological, cardiovascular, endocrine, genetic, hematological, renal and other types of damages. Basic medical science has determined that serious alterations of cellular physiology like the Membrane Sensitivity Syndrome are happening across America in people who live in close proximity to cell phone masts and wireless internet antennas. Brain tumors and leukemia are on the rise too.

The evidence against Repacholi comes directly from the interior of the US cell phone industry. The former director of research of the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association), Dr. George Carlo, has pointed out how the research effort of this industry concluded that there are serious threats to human beings who are exposed to microwaves, for example: damages to the human genome, ruptures of the brain-blood-barrier, cardiac pace makers interference, neurological dysfunctions, brain tumors, etc.
Nowhere in the world were the adequate MEDICAL STUDIES done in order to assure the safety of the American public BEFORE the introduction of this dangerous technology. Cell phone technology and its heir, wireless internet, were never tested before being introduced for public use.

The recent publication of the BioInitiative Report (www.bioinitiative.org/) has evidenced the total lack of academic integrity and decency of the INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL Michael Repacholi.

Soviet Medical Science produced clinical evidence of neurological dysfunction of human beings exposed to microwaves, more than six decades before the present international epidemic. The government of the United States had concrete scientific medical evidence of the damages produced by microwaves before the generalized introduction of cell phone telephony in the year of 1983. The Glaser List, put together by Dr. Zorach Glaser, was known to the Department of Energy and the Navy years before this technology existed on the planet (Bibliography of reported biological phenomena [’effects’] and clinical manifestations attributed to microwave and radiofrequency radiation: Research report by Zorach R. Glaser -1972). More than 5,000 international texts on the deleterious actions of microwaves constitute the Glaser List.

Both Lyndon Johnson and Gerald Ford had to request the Soviet government to stop the bombardment of the US embassy in Moscow with microwaves. Ironically, Soviet microwaves over the embassy were several orders of magnitude below the US standard for civilian population. The victims of malignancies in the embassy is VERY high.

The death toll of Michael Repacholi is totally unacceptable: 165 dead in Usfie (Israel), 45 dead in Majadahonda (Spain), 7 cases of cancer in the Antonio Garcia Quintana School in Valladolid (Spain), more than a 1,000 sick people in El Amparo neighborhood in Valledupar (Colombia), etc. Additionally, an endless list of diseases and clinical symptoms have flooded America since 1983 like the wall of a dam that breaks under an irreparable force.

The causal relationship between microwaves and disease is an objective MEDICAL process based on the Koch-Henle postulates and the Bradford-Hill criteria. It does not depend on any executive officer of the World Health Organization and much the less, on a physicist, a mathematician or an engineer. This process is an exclusive priviledge of the Medical Profession. It implies clinical criteria that only physicians are aware of.
This INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL CANNOT speak about Human Health or Medicine.

One of the most infamous actions carried out by Michael Repacholi deals with the problem of HUMAN PREGNANCY IN THE WIRELESS AGE. Studies published by the Federal Drug Administration, the World Health Organization and the government of Poland in 1973, already indicated that murine strains suffered exencephaly under microwave exposure. This finding alone, forbids conducting human experiments in pregnant women just to see what happens. In MEDICINE, all doubts MUST be solved in favor of the patient or in favor of society. Doubts in Medicine are never solved in favor of private companies. These experiments in human beings CANNOT BE DONE. This is a typical Nazi procedure of a concentration camp. The World Health Organization CANNOT endorse these conducts because they don’t have the MEDICAL EVIDENCE and furthermore, this type of experiment is a flagrant violation of medical ethics.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC-2002) has already classified part of the electromagnetic spectrum (ELF) as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” (IIB). That microwaves also cause such a wide gamut of previously reported Medical Effects comes as no surprise in Medicine.

Despite all of this, the people of the United States have not been protected by its public officers who should’ve done so.

I request that Dr. William Rea of the Environmental Health Clinic in Dallas, be considered as a witness. Dr. Rea is an international expert in the field of microwave health effects who has treated citizens from all over the world, who are direct victims of Michael Repacholi. Repacholi has already accepted publicly that he received money from the cell phone industry, violating thus, standard rules of the World Health Organization that forbid this type of conduct. This has resulted in ILLNESS AND DEATH throughout the United States and the planet.

The Microwave Syndrome or Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity or the Swedish Disease,
has become a problem of National Security that is menacing the roots of American Society in a way that is far more grave than international terrorism or drugs. The life and physical integrity of millions of US citizens is at stake.

I request Mr. Keisler that you assume direct action as soon as possible and that you abide by the law and the Constitution in order to protect the people of the United States of America from this GENOCIDE and from this international criminal.
If you feel that you are not the pertinent authority to face this INTERNATIONAL CRIME, I beg you to please contact the correct public official in the United States.


Dr. Carlos Sosa, M.D.