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THE LANCET Vol 356 November 25, 2000

Physics and biology of mobile telephony

G J Hyland

Sábado 25 de noviembre de 2006 · 2307 lecturas

THE LANCET Vol 356 November 25, 2000
Physics and biology of mobile telephony
G J Hyland
Although safety guidelines-to which mobile telephones and their base-stations conform-do protect against
excessive microwave heating, there is evidence that the low intensity, pulsed radiation currently used can exert
subtle non-thermal influences. If these influences entail adverse health consequences, current guidelines would be
inadequate. This review will focus on this possibility. The radiation used is indeed of very low intensity, but an
oscillatory similitude between this pulsed microwave radiation and certain electrochemical activities of the living
human being should prompt concern. However, being so inherently dependent on aliveness, non-thermal effects
cannot be expected to be as robust as thermal ones, as is indeed found; nor can everyone be expected to be affected
in the same way by exposure to the same radiation. Notwithstanding uncertainty about whether the non-thermal
influences reported do adversely affect health, there are consistencies between some of these effects and the
neurological problems reported by some mobile-telephone users and people exposed longterm to base-station
radiation. These should be pointers for future research.

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