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Electromagnetic Radiation and Epilepsy

Viernes 11 de noviembre de 2005 · 1984 lecturas

Electromagnetic Radiation and Epilepsy
Electromagnetic Radiation and Epilepsy
Andy Davidson, Tetrawatch
People report adverse health symptoms which they attribute to the radiation of
microwave signals from mobile phone and TETRA masts. The validity of such
reports cannot be safely rejected, either on the grounds of current safety
compliance, nor on the grounds that such symptoms cannot be replicated in
laboratory experiments in search of a simplified mechanism.
Biological effects caused by such electromagnetic fields (EMF) are widely attested
by research, but there is lack of clarity about how this occurs and why certain
individuals should be more susceptible than others. In the case of electrical
hypersensitivity, and in the particular, though more rare, case of exacerbated or
instigated epilepsy, there are two candidate mediating factors: (i) the direct effects
of coherent frequencies, and (ii) disruption of the nitric oxide synthesis process.
This paper takes the second, and examines how the potential causal link is borne
out by both likely and observed subject outcomes, and by observed EMF/nitric
oxide synthase interactions. There is sufficient suspicion that a mechanism lies
here to help validate the personal reports, and therefore action should be taken to
verify that operation of such EMF sources is not the cause, rather than requiring
the affected person to prove that it is.
There have been many reports from people living in proximity to mobile phone and
TETRA masts, of adverse health effects. One of these effects is increased incidence of
epileptic seizures, and indeed onset of epilepsy. Many of these effects relate to what
has come to be referred to as electrical hypersensitivity or EHS. These medical
reports largely go uninvestigated, for two reasons:
1. the symptoms are wide ranging, from headaches and nausea to sleep
disturbances and nosebleeds, but are categorised as common and minor
2. there is no laboratory confirmed conclusion as to precisely why or how such
effects should be induced at such low signal energies.
On the first count, the complaints may appear to be minor, since many of us have
one or another of them from time to time. This ignores that they may be unusual to
the people concerned, or correlate to the onset of a transmitter’s operation, or relate
to particular signal levels (Oberfeld et al., 1998; Santini et al.,2002; Navarro et al.,
2003) or cease when operation is suspended. It also ignores the manner in which
they suddenly become chronic and persistent for the people concerned, and the
resultant effect on well-being...

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