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From Lukas H. Margaritis: Professor of Cell Biology and Radiobiology, Dept. of Cell Biology & Biophysics. Faculty of Biology, Athens University.

Comments on Heavy mobile use "damages sperm"

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Comments on Heavy mobile use ’damages “sperm’’

From Lukas H. Margaritis:

Arch Androl. 2005 Sep-Oct;51(5):385-93
Is there a relationship between cell phone use and semen quality? By Fejes I, Zavaczki Z, Szollosi J, Koloszar S, Daru J, Kovacs L, Pal A.

Andrology Unit, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Szeged, Hungry.

2. We have found similar effects on insect sperm activity

Panagopoulos, D.J., Karabarbounis A., Margaritis L.H. (2004) Effect of GSM 900-MHZ mobile phone radiation on the reproductive capacity of Drosophila melanogaster.

Electromagnetic Biology & Medicine, vol23, nr.1, 29-43, 2004 http://kyttariki.biol.uoa.gr/mobile_phones/article-2004.pdfA pdf file is available for download)

3. Magras and Xenos have reported same effects on mice. RF radiation-induced changes in the prenatal development of mice.
Bioelectromagnetics. 1997;18(6):455-61.

4. Data are lacking from Dr. Agarwal’s work., i.e. if the users were speaking through hands free or blue tooth having the phone in their pants it makes sense to have the testes affected. But even if you are speaking having the phone in your ear, depending on the signal strength the amount of radiation reaching the testes for 4 hours a day is capable of causing spermatogenesis problems (especially if the user is sitting during the call, i.e. in his office or in the car).

5. I strongly support Agarwal’s findings although I agree that more research is necessary and I do not agree with Dr Allan Pacey?s comments.

6. Please see our research activities in the url http://kyttariki.biol.uoa.gr/EMR_GROUP_GR.htm
Lukas H. Margaritis
Professor of Cell Biology and Radiobiology
Dept. of Cell Biology & Biophysics
Faculty of Biology, Athens University
Athens, Greece, 15701
tel. +30-210-7274542, Fax. +30-210-7274742

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